Layout Design and Optimization

Warehouse layouts vary from business to business and the type of stored products.  An efficient layout is required to conduct day-to-day operations as it influences warehouse productivity, inventory, performance of employees, safety and much more. 

Based on the business needs Right Warehousing® designs the layout in such a way that employees can work in a clutter free simple environment and move faster around the warehouse executing work orders from receiving to retrieving, to packing and shipping as linearly as possible with minimal touch points and process interruptions. 

Right Warehousing® focuses on finding best space design to reduce the total cost of operation as well as warehouse cost and improve productivity efficiency, making customer to stay profitable in the business.


Typical results

Based on budget we design the warehouse in an efficient manner in which our customers can expect

  • Cost savings and Productivity & Efficiency increments.

  • Optimum storage capacity

  • Better inventory visibility, accessibility, accuracy and traceability

  • Optimum work flow route for worker, material movement and picking process

  • Optimum order picking and processing time

  • Optimum warehouse output. 

  • Optimum Labour efficiency and reduction in number of workers / labours

  • Customer relationship improvement

  • Reduce warehouse footprint - savings from warehouse lease costs

  • Reduction in total cost of warehouse ownership, and better return on asset investment means better balance sheet

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