Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Efficiency matter in warehouse functioning?


The transformation of warehouses from being generations’ old static storage to high-velocity operations has been very significant. 

Companies changed the way they used to operate and moved towards adopting new technological advancements and methods in their warehouse activities to achieve optimal operational efficiency. The transformation helps the business to be more productive and efficient and to survive in an extremely competitive warehousing environment. 


Why do I need a warehouse designer? Why is it important to design the warehouse?

The Design development for a warehouse building is subject to activities being performed within the building. It is very much necessary to understand the purpose and review requirements of each project to initiate developing a productive concept design


Any inefficiency in warehouse design can lead to lower service levels and higher operating costs. 


The physical warehouse layout - internal and external layout, is only one aspect of an optimized warehouse design. It also needs to review every process in a warehouse to ensure that the warehouse operates productively and efficiently reducing its cycle time and the touchpoints across the whole operation.


The return-on-investment coupled with warehouse functional requirements demand that a warehouse is productively efficient and is near to future proof, it is highly important to get warehouses and distribution centers professionally designed.




How do you support construction? (+)


Construction Support - Design-Development Contracts


RWS provides Design-Construction project delivery method...on request.  Aligning with all stakeholders involved in the project development, we function as a single entity- The design Construction team and deliver the project through a single contract with the project owner. 




Design-Development project delivery system allows unifying the flow of work from concept to project completion and helps to take collective discission to find solutions immediately and solve any issues that may arise during the implementation stage. It allows the owner and the designer to have a greater authority on the project development and can control the schedule and the budget while the Design Development team takes the entire delivery responsibility. 


Why should we consider Right Warehouse as our project partner?

Any additional benefits we get?

Reason to engage Right Warehouse

With a clear understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in the warehousing business and practical experience and knowledge in the modern operational aspect of warehousing, Right Warehouse makes sure that the space is utilized to an optimal level and sees warehouses operate productively and efficiently at the lowest possible cost. 


  • Ensuring efficiency in areas that impact the warehouse cost and operational performance is of our highest importance. 

  • Our warehouse design simplifies the operational process and saves downtime, and money, ensuring warehouse operators service their customers at the lowest cost to market. 


Customers can rest assured that they can secure their investment and maintain consistency in return on a project by engaging Right Warehousing Solutions LLP as their warehouse design partner. 


Advantages & Benefits


The main benefit we bring in is the value in terms of ROI to both beneficiaries - project owner and operator/tenant.


  • More usable/workable space-optimized bay columns and internal columns 

  • Better visibility and faster movement of inventories - Improved productivity efficiency 

  • Automation possibilities

  • Faster loading and unloading of products - efficient planning of docking system and apron space.

  • Easy to Install or Retrofit Storage system - Racks, Shelves, Mezzanine floor, and Conveyor system, Equipment, Machinery, etc. 

  • Safe Use of MHE, conveyor system, RGV, AGV, VNA vehicles, etc. - proper maintenance of flatness and levelness of floor slab. 

  • Dust-free, resistant to slippery, impact, abrasion, joint cracks, and easy to maintain floor.


Could you please explain the Design Process enabling me to take a quick decision?


Design Process


Right Warehouse initiates the design process from inside of the warehouse and proceeds to outside the building to marshaling yard and circulation path. Various permutations and combinations are considered including future unforeseen warehousing needs and requirements in the initial design development stage itself. 


Our warehouse design process is mainly based on the following parameters:


  • The internal and external layout of the Facility – Master Plan 

  • Building Capacity

  • The load-bearing capacity of Floor

  • Internal columns and Bay columns 

  • Storage method & pattern  

  • Process flow pattern 

  • Warehousing / Marshalling area – Reception, storage, picking, packing, dispatch 

  • Material-handling equipment utilization – Conveyor, forklift, stackers, hand pallets

  • Dock layout – Loading and Unloading

  • Truck court and truck apron

  • Frequency of Inbound & Outbound Vehicle movement 

  • Administration and general office space, storerooms changing rooms, bathrooms, battery charging area, service area, auxiliary space, etc.


Following design requirements considered by default in the concept design development stage


  • Aesthetics and visual impact

  • Space use and flexibility of space in current and future use

  • Building insulation and acoustic isolation

  • Skylights and wall lights

  • Access and security

  • Design life and maintenance requirements 


What is the advantage of the design and development project delivery method?



The delivery system allows Right Warehouse to unify the flow of work from concept to completion. Besides allows to find solutions in the shortest possible time through collective discussions and is able to solve issues that may or may not arise at various stages of project execution. This method helps projects to be completed on time. 


The advantage to the Project owner


The delivery system allows the owner and the designer to have a greater authority on the project development and can control the schedule and the budget while the Design Development team takes the entire delivery responsibility. 



How do you optimize storage layout?

When designing a new storage racking system layout for a warehouse, we analyze building parameters, space availability, inventory profile and specifications, inventory rotation, picking accessibility, warehousing activities, other project requirements among many. 

Different storage racking options are then evaluated to decide the best solutions or combination of available solutions and suitable layout so as to achieve maximum efficiency. Right Warehouse provides the best solutions for storage system requirements from conventional pallet racks to automated storage systems and warehouse storage equipment.

The right storage system provides a number of advantages to the warehousing business.


  • Free up your expensive floor space

  • Work more organized and productive manner

  • Enhances the security of products and minimizes the damages.

  • Improve operational efficiency leading to reducing expenses and increasing profits.

  • Scope for expansion opportunities



Do you supply Storage systems/ Are you a manufacturer?

Our association with industry-best system designers and manufacturers allows us to offer customized storage systems along with material handling equipment and safety products that suit your business the best. We take care of managing integration, installation, and commissioning while assuring timely supply and customer support.  




Do you supply Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEB) and roofing systems?


Construction of warehouses has evolved and new technologies and designs used in manufacturing pre-engineered metal buildings today reduce considerable construction time and are more cost-effective as well.


Right Warehouse, irrespective of the size of the project, is well qualified to supply pre-engineered metal building structures and standing seam roofing systems along with accessories sourced from industry best PEB manufacturers manufactured as per Indian code and more economical American building codes.  We ensure the project is delivered on time and, up and functional in less time than it used to take enabling user companies to meet their business demands and commitments.


Why flooring in the warehouse is considered to be very important?

And confirm the construction of warehouse specific flooring system is included

in your end-to-end project management?


The purpose of the Warehouse floor is to carry the load of the entire operation and is the base for the racking systems and the surface on which the material handling equipment and other types of machinery run. The warehouse floors should be capable of supporting applied loads without cracking or deforming, with a minimum number of maintenance-free joints, and have tolerance suitable for material handling system to be used.


Also, the floor should be highly resistant to abrasion to be dust-free, resistant to any impacts and oil spills, smooth but non-slippery, easy to clean, and highly durable. The right type of flooring having flatness and levelness finished in line with international specification and standards, ensures proper movement, stability, and increases the productivity in the facility as well. It also creates a safe and pleasant working environment.


“Right Warehouse” understands the importance and significance of the floor in the warehousing sector. We consider all known load factors, MHE traffic, impacts, and finishing of the floor, and accordingly, choose the right materials for the construction of the floor so that it can serve most of the storage goods profiles and fulfill all requirements.



Customers are asked about the loading dock area for some time. Why it is so important?


Loading docks and Truck landing areas in front of loading docks are some of the key locations in a warehouse. It is the primary location of the movement of product, coming in and going out of a facility. Both Loading docks and truck landing area must be as efficient as the facility it serves. Designing a loading dock area that is both safe and efficient is the most crucial stage of the planning process. A poorly designed loading dock area could affect the productivity of the warehouse facility and lead to a significant loss of time.


Why insulate warehouse buildings? What are the benefits and how RWH can help?


Metal building structure, components, cladding systems, storage racks, shelves, MHEs, docks, and doors including concrete floor and products stored in the building absorb heat. This makes surface temperature inside the building much hotter than the actual air temperature creating an unpleasant working environment. 

Most of the warehouse buildings are constructed using metal structures and metal cladding sheets that do not carry any insulation on it.

The benefits of insulating the warehouse:

Insulation helps to maintain a pleasant temperature, reduces unpleasant noises inside the building and creates a comfortable healthier working environment. Insulated warehouse also enhances productivity and quality of the warehousing activities.  

Right warehouse can advise the best suited insulation product for your application and supply the same along with roofing and wall cladding products.

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